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Weihai xigang yacht co. LTD

Weihai port yacht co., LTD., founded in 1986, the company registered capital of 11 million yuan, yachts, fishing boat, official boat, fishing boat, passenger ship, sailing, amphibious boat, ocean pasture platform composite boat such as research and development design, manufacture, assembly, sales and service into an organic whole, is a large production base in north China composites boats.


Our technical strength is beyond doubtOur technology is powerful

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Main yacht ? fishing boat ? government boat ? fishing boat ? tourist boat ? sailing boat ? ocean ranch platform ? fishing gear



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24-hour hotline:0631-5297977

Weihai xigang yacht co. LTD

Add:969 keji nan lu, huancui district, weihai city, 

shandong province, China


Atten:Hao Xiaojie

E-mail:[email protected]  [email protected]


Technical support:Heng hui technology

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